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About us

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Chen Sang was born in Fujian, China in 2008. The development of the company has made us more and more aware of the importance of new product development to meet market demand, how to turn customer requirements into products as soon as possible, and how to let customers know and accept new products. It has become more and more important thinking. The trust of our customers and our recognition of our past services is our reputation for improving our delivery quality and on-time delivery. We have also established a new production technology center in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong. We have established a better product production system, and quickly replaced old products with new products to become our main business chapter. Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the verification of our products on the track of R&D and quality. Our service is also top notch.
Excellent technicians equipped with complete and sophisticated test equipment are the magic weapon of our core competitiveness. Continuous improvement, including raw material selection, online tracking and testing, life testing, etc. are all carried out in the steps of scientific norms. Introducing new products every year and exquisite design, we must provide you with a vibrancy beyond modernity.
Chen Sang, is a rare partner you have won!

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