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About us

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Guangdong CenSong Electronic and Appliance Co., Ltd was born in 2018. It is located in Foshan City, the capital of electronic and building materials in China. Its predecessors are Fujian Minqing Chensang Ceramics and Electronic Co., Ltd. And Fuzhou Yifan Jingmao Co., Ltd. After more than ten years of manufacturer and international trader, we has gradually established a huge integrated system of R&D and manufacturing of electronic and electrical products.

Guangdong's economy ranks among the top in China. GD CenSong utilizes abundant manufacturing resources and serves the domestic and international business circles with high efficiency and accuracy. It is constantly well evaluated and trusted by customers in the industry. Our company is located in China's most first-class household appliances, lighting, ceramics, furniture and other manufacturing industries around, with a high-quality R&D team of engineers, customers targeted at various manufacturers and wholesalers of finished products, to provide high cost-effective electronic and electrical components and products, give full play to and reflect the Chinese manufacturing industry. Special advantage, no matter you put forward any difficult needs, GD CenSong will give you a satisfactory plan and progress time with the best price service.

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